Tourism with a Purpose – Eco-Tourism Around the World

eco tourism

A recent article in Forbes spoke about the growing trend in eco-tourism and charity tourism. Even more people in 2015 have set out to explore the world and they intend to make a difference while they’re at it! Eco-tours, adventure tours, volunteering and charity tourism are on the increase among millennials, and regions in the world that have a focus on eco-tourism are set to benefit from the trend.

Also known as experiential travelers, these intrepid tourists intend on immersing themselves in every facet of their holiday experience, and look for ways to give back, help in local communities and reduce their carbon footprint while enjoying the sights.

Top 5 Experiential and Eco-Tourism Destinations

Though there are hundreds of eco-tours and eco-tourism destinations around the world, there are a few that stand out as models in sustainable tourism while safeguarding the natural environment.

Brazil – The Pantanal

Still one of the least explored regions of the world, the Pantanal wetlands that straddle Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay, offer a number of eco-tourism options. Very little in the way of 5 star luxury, but a real opportunity to visit one of the world’s most remote areas.

Norway – The Fjords

Norway may seem an odd choice for an eco-adventure, but the Norwegian fjords have some of the world’s strictest environmental standards and are a pristine and prime example of both natural and cultural heritage that should be preserved.

Malaysia – Sarawak

On the island of Borneo, the Sarawak region is fast becoming a top choice for eco-tourism and adventure tours. Much of Sarawak is protected and the remote mountain forests with their natural bounty are only accessible for a small number of people each year.

Kenya – Serengeti to Kilimanjaro

From the highest peaks of Mount Kilimanjaro to the swathes of wildebeest making their way across the Masai Mara, Kenya is a prime example of eco-tourism that has managed to maintain equilibrium under the watchful eye of Ecotourism Kenya.

Samoa – Island Nature Reserve

Samoa leads the way in the South Pacific islands as a force for environmental protection and sustainable tourism along its coast, reef, and across the natural forest on the island.

All across the globe, nations are using eco-tourism as a way to educate, inspire and thrill. Not only are we preserving nature in delicate yet ecologically important regions, we are also educating the next generation to tread lightly across the planet while enjoying their vacations.


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